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Carissa Speaks Up on Huffington Post

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On July 19, 2012, Carissa published a blog post for the Huffington Post, a website that The Observer called “the most powerful blog in the world,” telling a part of her story featured in her book Runaway Girl.  The post has erupted a spirited conversation in the comments area.

The article is entitled “How I Came to Talk About My Abuse” and begins…..

“I was in graduate school at UCLA Anderson when I first told my story publicly. It was October 2005 and the semester before I had been through a major breakup. For what he knew, my fiancé had been accepting of my past. He thought, like I did, that I’d do something with my story in the future — it was almost the way you think about giving money, “I’ll make that contribution, when I could afford it.”

When we broke up, it gave me a reason to rethink everything, and suddenly I did not want to live beneath shame or embarrassment about my experiences. Externally I was driven by wanting people to know who I was. The life I lived would not be something I wanted sympathy for, but that I wanted to understand. I needed to know where I fit in.”

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